Last Week: First Half

I hate being "the bad guy." I mostly write about the happy times and how much I love this place, but it doesn't mean there aren't crummy parts. Most of my classes have been going well this week and I am already looking back with fond memories. However, by the time Monday ended (classes and … Continue reading Last Week: First Half

No Reservations

I've been taking all these notes and wanted to write so much every day and by the time I sit down in my room, I am just over having to process anymore. I find myself trying to be in each moment as much as possible and I can tell my brain is just not working … Continue reading No Reservations

Promethean Spark International: Volunteering in India

Hello Friends! The time has arrived! Pending the receipt of my visa, I am returning to work with Promethean Spark International in India! For those of you that know me, you have heard about this program many times over, but for those of you that are 'new' here is a little background: Promethean Spark International … Continue reading Promethean Spark International: Volunteering in India