Kuala Lumpur – Part 1

I can't believe I have already been in Asia for a full week. It somehow seems ages ago since I was in Norway, but at the same time I only just arrived. It always happens like that though, doesn't it? The last week has been jam-packed, but absolutely amazing. I arrived in KL after a … Continue reading Kuala Lumpur – Part 1


More Baffling Daylight Scenarios

Even more trippy than long hours of daylight (which I love by the way and will miss dearly), is when it is grey and gloomy all day and then at 9 PM the sun starts to come out. And then instead of winding down, you start to wake up all over again because it gets … Continue reading More Baffling Daylight Scenarios

sun traf·fic Noun a Norwegian phenomenon in which road traffic is at or near a standstill because the sun came out and everyone is trying to leave work early at precisely the same time