Lunch Time

Sunday lunch is my favorite. Lemon rice, curd rice, and curry potatoes. Still lacking in the protein department, and overload in the rice department, but it is delish. Today Lola the goat broke into the dinning hall 3 times, at one point running to the girls half and causing them all to screech at the … Continue reading Lunch Time

No Reservations

I've been taking all these notes and wanted to write so much every day and by the time I sit down in my room, I am just over having to process anymore. I find myself trying to be in each moment as much as possible and I can tell my brain is just not working … Continue reading No Reservations


I cannot post videos directly without upgrading the type of blog I have, so here are a couple of links: First two are some clips of dance moments from the Talent Show on Thursday: This last one is just a clip of driving to Puducherry today somewhere along the highway. Hopefully some better … Continue reading Videos


There is nothing glamorous about a bucket shower, but it sure is refreshing after a long, hot and sticky day. Especially when you smell like so many unidentifiable yucky smells. At least I can crawl into bed not feeling covered in who knows what. For that, I am grateful. Full update coming tomorrow.