Jet Lag of the Heart

It is now going on one week since I departed India. It feels so distant, but I keep thinking I will wake up and be back there. For most of you, it probably seems like I wrote a lot, but I already wish I could have written more about every moment so I can cherish … Continue reading Jet Lag of the Heart

Ukraine 2013

I think I have been hesitant to start sharing the news, because after months of dead ends, my plans for Ukraine in July are suddenly becoming a reality. Some of you have heard, but a lot haven't because I couldn't get any concrete answers and thought I would have to forgo the trip...I will be … Continue reading Ukraine 2013


No better way to spend a "last day" then delays at the airport. Especially Sola Airport. At least if things get rough I am in the Duty Free zone. It's not so bad initially, but there is no better way to kill some travel hype than walking through security to see a flight time update … Continue reading Snakkes!