I’m no professional at this blogging thing. I started writing online about 10 years ago to keep my family and friends in the loop during a study abroad experience. Since then I have kept the odd record of volunteering in India, moving to Norway to teach dance, ongoing projects and random travels around the globe, had a bit of a hiatus while getting my DPT and now I am moving to Kuwait to start my career as a physical therapist. I have met a lot of people in different parts of the world throughout all these adventures and the blog continues to be a way to update those that are interested and for me to look back on when all of this is said and done.

The adventures have been vast and random so you will find several tabs in the header up above. All my posts are sorted by continent and this includes everything from vacations, stop overs, moving, school, volunteering, etc. Given my extended period in Norway, I dedicated an extra subsection to Norway-isms.  I have also merged two other blogs to keep things in one place. Life Skills in India reflects my experience with Promethean Spark International teaching life skills through dance in India to leprosy affected youth. My final internship to earn my DPT was in Kuwait and therefore I have a separate section, Klinik in Kuwait, where I kept tabs on these adventures. This section will be expanding as I work and live in Kuwait for the next _?_ year(s).


So from this traveling ex dancer-PT-volunteer-troll thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy at least a little something!




Header Photo is the copyright of Celine M. Photography

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