Wow! I’ve been a physio for 6 months! How does it feel forever and only a blink at the same time? It definitely changes the dynamic since I was in Kuwait for my internship last year as well but it still blows my mind. Though the adventures and learning curve are less concentrated than a definitive 3 month internship, I have been enjoying my experience (good and struggles) of being an expat. It’s still hard to fully believe that yes I live here, I moved here, I brought my cat here and I don’t have specific plans for my next steps. I still wish most of my things weren’t in storage but alas, that comes with the territory. Maybe one day I’ll be one of those cool expats that gets a shipping container 😉 Solid life goals right there.

Well as I mentioned before, it’s hard to post too many little updates about day-day because I haven’t figured out my balance of sharing clinical experience publicly while it remaining professional for my patients. I will say that it has been fantastic to split my time between pediatrics and orthopedics though I am constantly overwhelmed about how much more there is to learn after school. I often battle with the question of if this is because I am new? or because it is actually complicated? or because…Kuwait. All of which I assume and hope will make me a better clinician in the long run. I’m so lucky to have amazing families and individuals trust me to help them through vulnerable and difficult times of injury and life long diagnoses. Their stories never fail to amaze me and at the end of the day, I have a fantastic job. As you can see below…my job includes fun things like making big messes for “strengthening,” “balance,” and “problem solving.” Yes, the cleaning ladies love me.


Enter a caption

My recent new endeavor has been starting to get ‘farm boxes’ delivered from Sadeer Farms in Kuwait. It has been super fun to have fresh local veggies delivered and experiment with new recipes. It has also made for questions and curiosity over new veggies and what exactly to do with them. Given I am slowly building a small army of friends also getting boxes, it makes for interesting conversation 😉 Food always brings people together.



I’m hoping my enthusiasm doesn’t wane and the deliciousness can continue 🙂 On for this week is braised cabbage, beet and yummy veg salads, maybe some hot pepper jelly? To be determined.

I’m still an old lady and not doing anything too exciting most of the time but I have started up a new course of arabic lessons and hoping to make some progress with my language skills. I have been dying to be back in the studio, so in lieu of ballet classes that meet my schedule, I am trying out salsa! My first lesson was a blast and I’ve heard there are lots of socials and gatherings around Kuwait. Hoping that turns into a fun past time along with gatherings with friends, BBQs and other random events we’ve been finding ourselves at. Now if only I worked part time, I could get around to more of that, ha! In the meantime, I will continue holding out for nice weekend weather before it gets too hot so I can enjoy the pool and sunshine.



Night at the Souq

I promise to finish pictures soon so I can post my final musings over our amazing trip to Sri Lanka!



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