Dead Sea: Israel Edition

I crashed super early my first night but it worked out because I had a 4 am alarm set. The day before we decided to do the sunrise hike at Masada. Though we were a bit late to have sunrise right at the top, having the dawn light as we started walking was lovely and we still had some great vantage points as the sun peaked up over Jordan with a view of the Dead Sea below. Leda had not done the hike either so we were both surprised at the ruins at the top. We knew there were some but were quite surprised at the extent of what had been uncovered. We spent about an hour wandering around the ruins wth some token yoga and split pictures before making our descent via a very swift Swiss cable car. It was neat to see a different view of the snake path we had used to ascend. 


After the hike we made our way onto the nearby chalk flats. Though we could see them from above it was completely different walking amongst them…they were so cool! (very chalky but so cool). Leda and Ricky came equipped with “on the go” supplies for everything and I was spoiled with a lovely breakfast of eggs and veggies with a view of the flats. 


We eventually made our way down to the Dead Sea. It was a rocky and bumpy ride but luckily we had a great driver and a jeep to get to the less accessible hot water springs that pop up and feed into the sea. We spent the rest of our time soaking and floating between the hot springs and the sea then mudding…then floating…then soaking some more. 

After trying to rinse off with some bottled water we made a few errand stops including getting my sim card sorted along the edge of the old city. Our grunginess got the best of us though and we finally made it back for some showers and mud/salt clean up. Our day started with a stunning sunrise and ended with an even more stellar sunset.


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