Last week I had the privilege of getting out to a local ballet studio to teach a conditioning class based on injury prevention exercises. The studio was gorgeous and it was really fun to get back in a studio environment after a pretty long hiatus. The studio is run by the amazing Miss Yulia at the Radisson Blu. I’ve never been and the whole facility was really lovely. It seemed like the dancers enjoyed the class and their goody bags from FSRI. Though the dance community is relatively small in Kuwait, I’m hoping I can get out and do more events like this in the future!

I was also a bit slow in posting but earlier in November our clinic participated in RunQ8 which was a 5/10K to raise money for our children’s rehab center to continue to help families receive pro bono or discounted care for their children. It was great to see so many people out supporting the cause in a sea of orange tshirts! I was hanging out at the medical tent for the morning but luckily we didn’t have any major emergencies. We may have ended the morning enjoying the props at the photo booth before heading back to work 😉 sorry didn’t get any decent pics from where we were stationed…

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