Thanksgiving – Kuwait Edition 

Ive been very excited for thanksgiving for a couple of weeks now. One because I already have thursdays off, and two because it’s my favorite food holiday and I was quite excited to make some yummy dishes.

Though it was a small feast in comparison, it was a feast nonetheless and I’m glad I’ve been able to share it with some friends throughout the weekend.

I have so much to be grateful for everyday. This year has been an especially big one. I’m so grateful for successfully becoming a licensed physical therapist, for finding a wonderful job, getting time to catch up with wonderful people this summer before my big move and for the welcome I’ve had here in Kuwait. I’m so so so grateful to my family and close friends that continue to support me in the challenges I take on and celebrate the triumphs with me. It’s hard to be away from everyone for a long time and I still wish my super power was teleportation but I’m so so happy for everyone’s efforts to keep me in the loop. It makes the distance a little less far.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!!! Sending lots of love from my home to yours xoxoxo

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