Halloween in Kuwait

It’s been a bit over a month if starting as a Physio here in Kuwait and things are picking up quickly. This week will be my first full orthopedic caseload and my pediatric caseload is steadily increasing. The learning curve on that is still a steep one but I’m loving it and so so glad I accepted this position with all of its diversity and amazing mentors.

I wouldn’t say I’ve got the hang of things just yet but I think I’m where I should be. Until I’m super full for a while I’m not sure I’ll stop feeling ragged by Monday (my Wednesday). I’m also moving to my official apartment REaLLY soon! And I can’t wait to get everything set up and feel settled there. Not to mention I’m already excited to get some Christmas decorations, sorry everyone! Haha.

On the note of holidays, I only came partially prepared for Halloween thinking it wouldn’t really be acknowledged. That was an ignorant thought on my end as Kuwait is so international, many of the schools have mixed holidays and traditions to accommodate and lots of people loved the idea. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule I couldn’t stay long, but I got invited to a Halloween shin dig last weekend and managed to enjoy some decorations at home and a little fun at “the office”. Sharing traditions is fun!



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