Back in Kuwait

Here we go again! Alright, so a little overall update…

Sorry to everyone who has been asking about the blog! I finally posted some remaining stories that capped off my clinical internship earlier in 2016. Not having a working laptop followed by graduation followed by moving back to Cincinnati for the summer and boards meant one thing lead to the next and I fell off the wagon. Good news though! I passed boards and am finally a licensed physical therapist! Summer in Cincinnati was awesome despite the studying (I really enjoy not being in school full time haha) and then I spent the last month visiting everyone at home and reorganizing my life to move to Kuwait. The paper work to get my residency here has been intense but I think it’s on track and everything will eventually be taken care of. Now that I have arrived in Kuwait it is much easier to embrace the many idiosyncrasies of  the culture here, but doing it long distance had me a bit stressed to say the least.

So yes! I have arrived in Kuwait to start work as a physiotherapist for the next year…and then we will see what happens. The big adventure of this particular transatlantic flight was that it was the first time Boomchyk made the trip with me. He was amazing despite me fretting the majority of the time. The only hiccup was an unforeseen 6 hour delay of him being held at Cargo at the Kuwait airport but we eventually got all the papers sorted and given there is no quarantine on arrival it was about all we could have asked for. My cat mom heart is super happy that he is here with me healthy and already acting like a little prince. I have so much more respect for what all the expat families I know have gone through to bring their pets with them around the globe. All things considered, our transition has been pretty seamless.

As soon as I landed I knew I was super happy to be back in Kuwait despite the hurdles over the last several weeks. I don’t start work right away but it’s given me the time I need to get better settled this go around. Even though I was here for 12 weeks before, it felt like a lot of “making do” for a short term set up. If I am going to be here for a while, I want to be a bit better settled and try to be kinder on my budget which can be challenging here at times. I’m in a temporary apartment at the moment but it’s quite close to where I will be permanently so I’ve still had a chance to get to know my neighborhood. There has been plenty of time at the grocery store trying to figure out the different brands and products, etc. Other things I am re-adjusting to are the dust and the hot wind in your face. The dry heat is relatively tolerable compared to the humidity we endured this summer. The trade off is that I don’t exactly realize Im super hot until I feel a bit nauseous and realize I should refill my water bottle again. I can’t say I’ve yet mastered how to walk the streets without getting covered in dust. I feel like it’s impossible but the men in their super white and pressed dishdashas taunt me. I don’t know how they do it!

Sadly the arabic class I was going to take got cancelled due to low registration 😦 I haven’t been able to find an alternative just yet so I will need to wait til the next round. I have had some time to catch up with a few contacts I made here previously and hopefully it leads to some weekend plans in the future instead of being a hermit always. Some time off has also given me a chance to get some things for the apartment which meant an Ikea trip and another stroll around the Avenues. That place is still so giant to me and also makes me want to eat all of the food. I have been reminded at how much food there is in Kuwait! I was very excited to go out with a couple of people from clinic to a more hidden Indian restaurant that has mostly southern dishes. It was AMAZING! Most restaurants at home have more northern dishes and I haven’t had some of these things in 3+ years. It tasted exactly like being back at the school with all my favorite kiddos! Great memories and I’m really excited to know a delicious new place for nights I don’t feel like cooking.

Anyways, I’ll try to be better about posting updates and will share when things get rolling!

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