Oman: Wadi 2

Our last day in Oman was a slower and rougher start for us with lack of sleep and yesterday’s events catching up with us. We were located at the first point in the gulf that sees the sunrise so I set my alarm but it was foggy so I decided to get a little extra sleep instead of stare at clouds. The morning was beautiful a little later on and we made our way to wadi Shab. Trust me, we asked our guide thoroughly how much the rain would impact this particular journey. He thoroughly promised that while there would be some swimming and water it would be nothing like the day before. Lucky thing he was right and this day i was able to bring my camera for part of the way. We started with a boat to cross over to the “trail.” We were doing alright when our guide gestured up at a rock wall. We both just shook our heads and were like well we are alive so might as well. Luckily we didn’t actually have to go straight up, only part way where there was a ledge we could use to get back on the trail. The rest of the way involved more manageable swimming and the rapids involved short distances or less deep water. All of which normally is fine without the rain of course. There are several pools normally less deep that lead to a canyon. We made it most of the way but then Looking ahead at the depth and the rock scaling at hand, I decided I was done and found myself a rock to hang out on before the actual cave. I know when I don’t have any sadness for missing out I’m actually done. Given how much I hate water and swimming I was proud of myself for getting this far through the two days. Becca did a great job making it to the cave bit. Normally it’s not so deep and there is a rope to pull up on Inside the cave. In this case, the only option appeared to be scaling a tall crevice. Of course our guide had no problems because he is a billy goat but it was a little past our expertise and I tried not to panic while watching from a far. Luckily our guide was able to pull Becca up from half way and I did not have to go rescue anyone. Apparently there was a cool waterfall inside and the two of them slid around at the top of it. I think it got too slippery at one point and too full of water when they eventually came back and jumped off the cliff to join me again. We happily used the current to our advantage on the way back. The canyon was beautiful though and at the risk of increasing our sunburn we enjoyed a little reprieve before hiking back. Needless to say we were the only ones to make it to the last pool and Becca was the only one in the canyon today that we know of. As we made it back to the entrance we did notice that the wadi had started to fill with a lot more tourists. Again, glad we made it early. Becca had promised she would try to cliff jump near the beginning of the route when we initially passed and our guide had not forgotten. He convinced her to climb to the higher ledge and I happily played photographer. After looking down from the lower ledge and realizing how fun it looked I worked up my courage to want to try. It was a blast and if we weren’t on a schedule and if I had realized the cool poses I could do for pictures I probably would have tried a couple more times. But alas, it was time to move and I was still quite complete in the sense of adventure department for the weekend. We had one more stop on our journey back to muscat…a sink hole. It was stunning but I was pretty done with water. We played on becca’s dare devil and convinced her to jump one last time. Luckily aside from biting her lip, the last of our adventures left everyone still in tact though with a few more bumps and bruises and we departed for our final drive. We made it back to the airport with plenty of time and treated ourselves to ice cream for feeling sore as could be, still being alive, and feeling a little bit bad ass. Not to mention we always have a place to stay in Oman and next time, we can try hand fishing with the locals 🙂 also made it home on fly Dubai safely which was another adventure after this weeks events. We recapped the little moments as we waited for our flight humming all the new songs we caught up on this weekend while singing along to the radio. We finally made it back safe and sound after a lengthy wait at customs and a very angry taxi driver that kept somehow being confused every two seconds about where he was taking us.

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