With two weeks to go we used the last of our accrued time off for an overnight in Bahrain (here’s to hoping we don’t get sick in the next two weeks). We didn’t plan much as we both intended this trip to be mostly relaxing and good thing since Bahrain and Kuwait share the fact that there are not too many major highlights to visit. We could have filled the day up but we were pretty spent. Our trip to Oman was not a restful one, I took a continuing education course all last weekend, I’m doing extra hours to be in pediatrics some and Becca has been studying for our board examination. So basically we were happy to veg. We made a pact that despite our exhaustion we would try to do something before our room was ready. We got a very windy walk in along the coast just avoiding a down pour to eventually find the national museum (complete with detours and very pedestrian unfriendly areas). On our way we saw the grand mosque and noted the city was prepared to host the formula 1 this weekend. When we arrived at the museum We b-lined for the cafe desperately needing our morning fix to find it overflowing with school children. There was an international book fair being held in honor of the national library opening. We did not have the courage to embrace the overflowing crowds of school groups after the chaos of the cafe so we stuck with the museum itself. It was quite well done and nicely displayed a combination of art, local history, and special exhibits like royal costumes of India. Sadly the more famous burial grounds were under renovation and we couldn’t see them. The walk and the museum seemed enough for us and with the incoming clouds and increasing wind we decided we were ready to check in to our room. We stayed at the gulf hotel and it worked out wonderfully. We got a great deal and definitely did not realize it was as nice as it was, let alone on the weekend of F1. Our room was perfect for relaxing and the pool area was even nicer than the pictures I had been dreaming about this last week. Though it was quite chilly we made ourselves jump in for a dip and basically called it a day around 2 pm. Our life hack for the weekend was knowing that we can order from talabat throughout the gulf so we opted for that. It took a little effort getting a Bahrain account but it was totally worth it basically ending up having a slumber party the rest of the night. We got a wonderful nights sleep and the next day we kept it simple. Becca relaxed, while I took advantage of some time to go to the gym and enjoyed a couple hours of warmer weather by the pool. The clouds rolled back in at exactly the right time. We wandered a bit more around the city, again laughing at the pedestrian unfriendly set up and found me a mug to add to the collection. They are sadly all brown and a bit ugly here but alas once you have an addiction, I mean collection, you must proceed.

It was a quick trip but much needed and hey, we got some new stamps 🙂 now to catch up on some life things tomorrow and prepare for departure! Only two weeks left in clinic and only one weekend left in Kuwait! Can’t believe how the time has flown but I think we are getting quite ready to catch up with family and friends.

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