Whoever thought catching a 4 am flight was a good idea was an idiot…oh wait that was us. Well the later options didn’t really allow us to fit in a stopover so here we are!

One month left in clinicals and we were quite exhausted to start but we were rudely awakened at our level of sleepiness and hunger once we sorted a cab and arrival at jumeriah beach. We decided before further decisions could be made we need to step into the hotel for a latte. It helped tremendously and we set out with a plan. We hit the beach and managed to walk over to souk madinat despite the drizzle of rain and set out on the bus tour. It worked out well because we were able to get to plenty of highlights without too much hassle. We drove along Palm island which has increased its amount of buildings tremendously in the last 10 years. We made our next stop at the mall of the emirates to mainly tomcheck out the ski hill inside. We made it to the main attraction of burj Khalifa which was maybe half built last time I was here and we made our rounds for photos also enjoying the aquarium and fountain around Dubai mall. Our slow start and the traffic around Dubai limited our availability to walk around the entire thing but it is not unlike walking around the avenues, just grander. Our next stop was a long drive over to the old souk. We got off and explored some of the heritage centers and the old souk. We were running a little short on time already but we did not miss out on the experience of having stuff shoved in our faces and people were a little less respectful of our laa shukran (no thanks) response. We were nervous about fitting in anything else in our last hour but managed to see the gold and spice souk before hailing a cab. Getting a cab was harder than it seemed as it was a shift change. We are not used to that in Kuwait as most people have private taxis and work when they want. It makes for more haggling and frustration but we definitely didn’t think that 5 people would refuse to take us because there wasn’t enough time before the shift was over. We did finally get a ride and made with just enough time to find a snack and board our flight to Oman. Despite being very very hot and being the grossest possible we quickly dozed off for the short flight. We spent about as much time at immigration as we did on the flight. Everyone was very confused. It seemed that they are not so consistent on the rules as a school group ended up without enough money for their visas and we were very grateful we brought our dinars. After all the waiting in line, I got through and Becca was sent back to get a refund as our a Dubai visa was valid here apparently for staying such a short time. I did not get the memo but we figured it was worth a two for one deal just to get to the other side. Customs in general seems confusing to us as even in Jordan, I had my photo taken and Becca did not and she had to put her back pack through security at the same time I got to carry mine through Bc it looked to difficult haha. Who knows. Point being we made it through, mayyyyyy have indulged with a stop at he duty free and eventually found our driver with the help of another tour company calling around. We drove into Muscat all lit up and passed the grand mosque which was stunning. We were told that you cannot build higher than 8 stories in Muscat so that was unique. We got settled at the hotel and were ready to crash. We were thankful for the suite upgrade as to have our own beds and slept the best we maybe have the whole trip.

Enjoy some Dubai photos!

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