Jordan: Wadi Rum

We got up fairly early again very grateful to have missed the giant crowd the day before as breakfast was swamped. We got organized and by 8 we hit the road to wadi rum. Our driver resumed all awesomeness and made sure we had a few photos ops on our drive- Including the only spot you can see Petra peaking out from the mountains. This time we took Kings Way instead of the highway to see the mountain views on our way. On our way our driver called everyone and asked at several points if we could find camel milk from the source but alas we were out of luck. The camels were either out wandering or had given away the milk as the bedouins don’t sell it rather give it to those who need it in the villages since they use it for health benefits. He thinks maybe we will find some tomorrow. Sufyan has a specific Bedouin driver he uses in wadi rum. We pulled over at an abandoned looking gas station and met our guide, his son, who we were assured was trained well and is just as crazy as his father so we will have a good time. Because they are all jokesters we weren’t sure if they were serious about crawling onto the back of the pickup to drive through the desert but regardless I kind of wanted to and indeed they were serious so it worked out. Becca and I cruised on skeptical benches of a pick up through wadi rum with occasional stops to point out land marks, climb a dune and get stuck trying to slide down it, meet a movie star and enjoy delicious Bedouin sage tea in the sand. Yup, that’s right we were driving a long and saw a local movie set. As we kept going we saw a man on an Arabian horse which not only made for great photos but then our guide jumped out and ran over to him and was like take my picture! He was a legit local celebrity and here we were taking photos with him and interrupting a take of him entering one of the cliffs by horse. He was really nice about it though. On our stops through the desert we were also shown how the Bedouin were resourceful and used rock powder as makeup  our guides diligently assisted us in applying. Our tour involved a lot of yelling and yodeling and shouting of y’allah, or let’s go. Our guide assured us he was a happy not crazy Bedouin despite the shouting of jibberish at times. He made a mean cup of tea and we were smiling the entire day so we didn’t really care regardless.

Our drive concluded early afternoon and then it was time to hit the road. We spent the next 4 hours cruising to the Dead Sea jamming out to ACDC…


One thought on “Jordan: Wadi Rum

  1. I love everything about these travel posts! I can almost hear all the fun and giggles that must have occurred. Looks so awesome. Thanks for the desert shout out too. Can’t say I ever had my name carved in the sand before 😉

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