Jordan: Petra

We started early which we were very grateful for because we were practically alone and the weather was still cool in the Siq or secret passage entering the heart of Petra. We were already marveling at the stone and some of the carved Nabatean structures when the Siq abruptly ended into a little canyon and we found ourselves staring at the facade of the famous treasury. Wow. It is way bigger than I imagined and it was just so cool being there before the crowds with less of the hassling from vendors and just some camels chilling in front. We also met an adorable kitty I wanted to adopt and chanced getting fleas to give her some snuggles. Embracing the fact that we would be eliciting some stares, but hey that happens anyways, we got our photos and my split pic out of the way and our goals were complete for the day. We also met Johnny Depp the Bedouin who tried to convince us he has air b&b guests in his cave (technically all of the bedouins were moved to a village in the 80s)


From there we continued past tombs and ruins added by Romans after the Nabatean times. We met a New Zealand native that came to Petra in the 70s and fell in love and married a Bedouin. He has since passed from lung cancer but she continues to split her time between the Bedouin community and New Zealand. She wrote a book and to keep things light we opted to look it up on kindle. I just started it so will let you know! We perused her jewelry made for her by the Bedouin ladies in the community and I may have scored a camel charm.


We carried on and eventually made our trek up to the monastery. It was enough exercise given my stomach wasn’t great that day – might have been the goat yogurt, we will never know. Becca was very patient with me and we made it to our second very impressive facade for the day. More impressively, we continued onward to the top and edge of the mountain where one of the Bedouin men still lives amongst an incredible view. We made friends with his kitten and joined him for tea while he finished his breakfast.


On our descent things started to pick up at Petra. We made our way around some other paths but having laid low on lunch and water we were getting a little weary in the afternoon sun. The crowds were getting thicker and we decided that maybe we were nearing the end of our rope to keep things a happy day. We didn’t actually think we were that tired but as we made our exit any slight uphill grade made our muscles ache and we were slurring our declines of horse and camel rides to the exit. We were forever grateful that our hotel was literally at the exit.


After lying flat and getting showered up from all the dust, sweat, and sunscreen we decided to check out the hotel’s cave bar. It is a real Nabatean cave so that was cool. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but Kuwait is dry, so we were a tad enthused to sit and enjoy a cocktail after a long day. Too bad it tasted like Robatussen. We made our way along the nearby strip and topped things off with a restaurant recommendation by our driver before being too tired to get up to any shenanigans. After some chatting and reading we were toast and still amazed that we were in Jordan and continuing our adventures tomorrow.


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