National Museum and More Lunch

Guys-not having my computer working stinks for blogging. I apologize for the delay and typos and ridiculous time I had trying to upload these pictures.

One month down. Holy cow! It sure does not feel like a whole month has gone past already. Ok in someways yes but in a lot of ways no. As per usual I’m mostly just nervous about mid terms and then I’ll feel settled once we get through that. Friday we continued with our Kuwait check list. We got ourselves to the national museum. The only problem was when we arrived it was just a block of construction gates. Luckily, Becca spotted the paper signs (luckily there were signs) directing us around the block and through a parking lot to the entrance. Can’t say most people mention this as a “must do” but it was definitely not in the best shape as an active construction site. Perhaps it will look really pretty after! Anywho we walked through and around a lot of corrugated metal and then saw this….



Luckily the guard was like oh no the museum is inside…just a decoy I guess 🙂
I should have taken a picture but it was mostly just a room of pots from Failaka island (near Kuwait). The heritage area was open so we walked around there. Can’t lie we jumped a little when we turned a dark corner all by ourselves at the wide eyed wax figures. We have learned a lot about the culture here already but it was a nice depiction of the traditional jobs and lifestyle in Kuwait. We did however feel that the few English signs were withholding some information. *update: I learned after the fact that the museum was built as a competition in architecture in the 50s. Apparently, it wasn’t built until the 80s and Princess Diana was here. The catch was no one ever established what kind of museum it would be or what it would house, so perhaps that explains a few things?*We exited and realized there was nowhere to turn. Luckily the guard gave use directions to the last open area….wait for it… The planetarium!!! We bolted in the direction with a quick stop to look at the wooden boat we couldn’t access and made it for the first showing. We were the only ones there and perhaps annoyed the staff a little that they had to set up :0/ We were hoping the show was “Larry the cat in space” but alas, that was not the one. We saw a solid show about the stars and planets and reminisced of middle school field trips.





When we finished our show we came outside and realized we were right on be water at sunset! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a clear view so we jolted through the construction maze to get back out on the main road in hopes of catching a photo. It was a stunner but we did arrive at the photo ops a little late-til next time! We also got laughed at by a lot of workers confused at us running down the street as they waited for their bus rides home. We enjoyed the last of it along the shoreline. It was so lovely we decided to take it in with a walk along gulf road. We based the Seif Palace, ministry of foreign affairs, grand mosque, liberation tower, and so on as all the city lights began to emerge. We thought it was lovely and very festive given the red, green, and white everywhere for the upcoming national day. We landed back at souk sharq where we decided to stop for groceries. As we arrived we heard music and stumbled upon a big concert at the marina. It was super crowded but so fun. We only stayed a little while and loaded up on food items we can’t get near us before calling it a night.

Saturday we helped with our last Pilates class. Afterwards we finally found some time to join in Saturday lunch again. It is no small commitment, it is definitely a 4-5 hour affair and then you have to account for the food coma to follow. Elham was not in town this weekend but her father is the most gracious host. We enjoyed getting to know the rest of the family a bit more and continued to talk about everything from politics to rehab to planets (totally separate from recently attending the planetarium). The feast was plentiful with lamb, whole fish and chickens, platters of rice, dates of course, and very yummy eggplant dishes. I’m sure there was more, but now I’m just making myself hungry. I even had chicken with egg inside. And of course I made a ridiculous comment something like “how did the egg get inside the chicken?” I think in this case the chicken came before the egg 😉 long story short it was delicious and the company was splendid. The warmth of this family amazes me and I hope we can spend some more Saturdays before we leave.

With some prep for the start of the week we didn’t get up to much else. I did try to make my first ever batch of nanimo bars. I’m not sure they worked but here’s to hoping it’s the thought that counts. Our CIs birthday is approaching and I wanted a head start in case I botched them completely. Hopefully they don’t kill anyone.

We are approaching mid term so we are feeling the pressure a bit and shocked that we are already starting week 5! Might take a little bit to post the next two weeks as we are traveling this weekend, presenting an inservice, completing our midterms and joining in some home visits next week! More to come on that when we sit down for a breath, I promise! Where are we traveling ou ask? Jordan!!! We are so excited, I hope to keep tabs on details along the way, it’s gonna be a long post!

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