Hawally & Friday Market


This is how I feel about our internet. I have been trying really hard to be ok with it and patient on our quest to get a hotspot on our phones, but i’m not being very successful. Anyways, you all don’t want to hear my rant, but it has been wearing on us and also explains the lack of skype and facetime dates.

This will be relatively short as my efforts outside of clinic this week have mostly involved fighting the internet to plan return travels. We got through week two and are continuing to learn and grow. It’s always an adjustment at a new location and we are integrating new practice styles, diagnoses and daily flow. Becca and I both are building a little caseload continually with some new assessments coming in this week. It continues to fascinate me the diversity we see in clinic. There are truly people from all walks of life, clutures, countries, occupations, etc. It is quite humbling. I think one of the biggest privilege is the window we get into everyone’s lives. This is true everywhere as physios, we get to build a special bond with patients, but the realization is perhaps more obvious for me here. We continue to get messages from people asking about our travels and how the dress code and gender separation works in practice. I think that’s why I feel even more flattered that our patients are all really comfortable with us and have little concerns about removing their hijab or dish dash and so on while putting their faith in us to help them feel better. Also, turns out, you mostly just wear “regular” clothes or the equivalent of long johns underneath. Maybe that will change come summer at it is still considered the winter here.

Come the end of last week we were anxious to continue some sightseeing. People keep asking what we’ve done and it’s so different being in clinic most of the time while “traveling” so we have not been prioritizing getting out unless it’s the weekend.

Friday we walked around Hawally in the morning. We had our first exposure to a truly quiet Friday AM. That is when most shops are closed opening later in the day following noon prayer. It was nice for us because it was truly dead and we did not have to negotiate any crowds or hustle to walk along the streets. Though it was not in full swing we saw the famous Ibn Kaldoun street near us, rich with electronics shops. We continued along the main street where there is a decent amount of shopping but probably not a place we would hang out regularly. Our real quest was a gluten free bakery recommended to us. In an effort to find it we stumbled upon Hawally park which was super erie as it was a completely abandoned looking amusement park. Im sure it is full of life at night, but again, we were fully experiencing the barren nature of a Friday morning. We had just about given up hope on the bakery, let alone expecting it to be open, when we stumbled upon a warm glowing window full of baked goods! Man this place was beautiful in the middle of almost rubble. We walked in, and though it was definitely a mixed bakery, they did indeed have gluten free! They had real buns, breadsticks, crackers, and even tea biscuits, all freshly baked and delicious looking. I got a loot for about $10, I was so shocked. When we got home we even realized that they deliver! This could get scary.


In order to keep on top of our Kuwait to-do list we got home and waited for the day to pick up before heading to the Friday market. We were a little skeptical since people seemed to have mixed reviews on attending the market which is more on the flea market side than it is a food and gift type market. Sadly, there is also apparently an animal section which we were determined to avoid so I didn’t have a meltdown and luckily we succeeded.

The market was HUUUUUGGGGEEEE!!! Wow, i can’t even describe it aside from saying it was like seeing multiple pavilions the size of football fields filled with stuff. We were quite fascinated. I can’t lie, I wanted to decorate a house and after spotting some fabric I really liked, settled on a wall hanging in a similar design. We made some friends from Syria while purchasing this and Becca’s fabric from Egypt since that is a restricted region on this trip and we will not get there in person. I’ll let you get a sense from the photos, though they do not do it justice. There were pavilions of fabric, mattresses, furniture, hardware, clothing, cell phone gadgets, etc. It was kind of crazy and we enjoyed taking in the culture along the way. Needless to say we were fairly wiped out when we got home from absorbing everything but were super excited about our purchases. Yes, i did get Armani knock off sweat pants to wear around the house…


I lied, this was not short. I shall leave you with our newly discovered awesome view of Kuwait City….The End.

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