Settling in

Our first two days in Kuwait were a great start. Our first morning we met our clinical instructor (CI), Peter, who took us to brunch in the Marina Mall area. This is closer to our clinic in Salmiya. It was a beautiful 20 deg (celsius) and we were rather enjoying the sunshine while our counterparts are handling the snow storms at home. This day served more as an acclimation day to the culture/life in Kuwait and we focused on getting to know Peter and tried not to bombard him with our curiosity about the routine at clinic (we have orientation on Sunday to do that). We were able to get a walk in along the Marina with a lovely view of Kuwait City itself prior to our first grocery store adventure. Since Peter has a vehicle we went to one of the larger grocery stores. It’s rather western looking aside from the differences in products. We tried to take it all in but the store was gigantic and hard for us to both find what we needed and negotiate the new and exciting things to discover. We will hopefully spend more time in the future perusing our options, but we found everything we needed to get started including almond/soy milk and gluten free pasta. Perhaps our most exciting discovery was calorie absorbing paper towels! We’ve clearly been missing out at home. Becca found rambutan and dates for us and we bought lots of the usual things with no success at finding camel milk just yet. After we unloaded the groceries at home, we decided to adventure to our neighboring mall. I got stocked up on coffee, but had no success at acquiring my Starbucks City mug; apparently you need to venture to the Sheraton for that. We couldn’t help ourselves and had to explore our more local grocery store to know what options were readily available without a vehicle. This lead to some additional down time to appreciate the different packaging and curiously large snow peas. Unfortunately, we still did not see any hummus.



Our second day was off to a less refreshed start as the jet lag caught up with us and I couldn’t sleep past 4 AM. The luxury was that the internet was working phenomenally and I got a lot accomplished. Since that time, we have learned that the internet can be very testy in Kuwait overall, so I anticipate some tests of patience in the future when we are trying to be productive for clinic. The exciting part about the internet is that we can definitely get to more sites than I anticipated which allowed me to fit in a workout in lieu of sleeping. We still haven’t sorted out a gym, though we are told we have access at clinic, and I was unsuccessful calling around to the ballet studios to find any adult classes. As we discovered we needed a few more things, Becca and I decided to give in to a latte need and explore the local mall a little further. We encountered ample incense, a variety of standard stores, a Chili’s coming soon, an ice rink and a trampoline/kids gym center that we genuinely wish to explore further. It also rained today, which is good for Kuwait, but kind of a bummer for us and we are hoping it clears up soon.




One thought on “Settling in

  1. question answered about the camel milk; miss that so much! Have you had a Timmies yet? wondering if the coffee is the same or stronger.

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