The Journey Begins: First Stop Doha

Hello Doha!

Our departure from the US was uneventful which was a blessing given the incoming snow storms and anxiety provoking nature of getting everything sorted for our clinical rotation. We arrived in Doha with plenty of time to sign up for a tour around the city offered by Qatar Airways. We slowly began to redefine personal space and general etiquette as we took in the shops and wandered the airport (mostly trying to stay awake and generally failing). We were happy to head out for our tour which was concise but a nice stop on our journey. We drove through the old and new city and saw where the new new city was beginning construction….there was sooooo much construction. I was reminded of my awe of arriving in Dubai, now 10 years ago, when seeing the steady stream of building and the never ending need for window washers.


We enjoyed views from the coastline as the morning fog finally started to lift and explored Katara the new cultural area being built in the “old style” and strolled through Souk Waqif (Souk = market). Jet lag and the transition of arriving in a new place made it a bit overstimulating to take in so quickly so it seemed like just the right amount of time and a perfect preface to what we might experience in Kuwait. We arrived back at the airport (where I was unable to fight the sleepiness any longer) awaiting our departure for our final destination. We are looking forward to exploring our new city, but also settling in before an undoubtedly busy first week at clinic.



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