“Spring” Break

*Meant to post this in February!!! PT school = no sense of time

So this past week we had off from classes…yippee!! I definitely needed the change of scenery. I can’t say I was free to do no work over the entire break, but a beloved travel companion of mine did come down for a visit. She was able to see a few things around Durham, but the real highlight was Charleston. It wasn’t the longest visit, but it fit our budget and our stomachs with delicious food and we thoroughly enjoyed the getaway. In just a day and a half really, we managed to eat at some of the wonderful restaurants in Charleston, did the free walking tour to get the lay of the land, toured the Russel House, wandered markets and many cobble-stoned streets, and saw a lifetime’s worth of pineapples on everything from lamps to clothing. We loved the architecture and definitely got our walking in for the weekend.

On the way back we decided to take an alternate route back and marveled at the oddness of Myrtle Beach. There is an odd abundance of mini golf possibilities that are extremely over the top, so naturally we had to partake. Honestly, where are there lookout points at most mini golf places? A walk along the board walk and indulging in some ice cream on a gorgeous day, rounded out our stop and we proceeded to Wilmington. It was a relatively shorter stop, but we had enough time to grab a coffee, stretch our legs along the riverfront, and check out a few local shops before driving the rest of the way back to Durham.

Before Sarah left, we of course had to check out the Lemurs and we made it to Cameron Stadium for the game against VT. I think for the sake of ever hearing again, it was good we were there instead of the Syracuse game a few days prior.

Overall, it was a nice little treat to get out-of-town for a little bit and see some of the surrounding areas. It already has me thinking about a getaway over Easter which is my motivation to get through all these nuero videos!!!


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