Snow, Snow, Snow!

Somehow we are halfway into February and I am but a week from “Spring” Break. I am so looking forward to it as this semester has seemed non stop. Not that last semester wasn’t a lot, but assessments seemed to come in cycles and this time around seems to be a consistent flow of assessment and preparing for the next thing on the schedule. In the thick of it all we got struck by the Polar Vortex yet again. Coming from snow it takes a lot to have a true snow day, but down here the city isn’t necessarily equipped to respond as quickly; especially to fairly rapid accumulation as we did on Wednesday evening. Due to the additional ice, we somehow ended up with Wednesday afternoon through Friday off and a miraculous 5 day weekend! Of course we will be making up for it like mad this week, and I couldn’t go anywhere for a couple of days….but I have to say it was nice to pace myself, sleep, and watch some olympics and movies 🙂

In the meantime, I am happy the roads are no longer jammed up with stranded cars, ready to hit this week, and so excited for Sarah to get here to show her around and check out Charleston!!!!


This is real life. (courtesy of News and Observer)


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