Snow, Snow, Snow!

Somehow we are halfway into February and I am but a week from "Spring" Break. I am so looking forward to it as this semester has seemed non stop. Not that last semester wasn't a lot, but assessments seemed to come in cycles and this time around seems to be a consistent flow of assessment … Continue reading Snow, Snow, Snow!

What the world does not understand about being Ukrainian

Euromaidan PR

From half way around the world I have been glued to my Twitter and Facebook, Kyiv Post and Ukrainian Pravda and make frequent calls to family in Ukraine to check up on them. I read everything I can about the Maidan and the current events. I read the stories of the people who are standing up for their future and national identity and wish I could be there by their side. They are professionals and farmers, PhD’s and factory workers, Orthodox, Christians and Jews. Despite all their differences, they have one thing in common; they are Ukrainians.

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