what happened to the joy of learning?

Because I am currently “stuffed” I will simply say, Ditto.


Regular Thursday night in grad school: brain to capacity, at all times. Evidently, the wonders of the central nervous system is not very impressive to my own central nervous system, as no more than 2% of what I was reading had been retained.

I remember when I would be fascinated by whatever I encountered: unnamed botanicals that I tripped over on a walk, the way certain consonants and vowels link together and becomes a symbol of a tangible object, the different shades that water and mountain take on the colors of a sunset, tracing out constellations on a clear night with my breath fogging up my vision. I craved to learn, to know more, to know deeper, and I’d flip through pages of atlases and dictionaries and chronicles until aha!, I find something that interconnects whatever was befuddling only a moment before.

The older I get, the less I am…

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