I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy…

The video linked in this post is embarrassing. Thanks to this writer for taking a moment to comment on why PT is so much more than a tiger balm patch! Not that I don’t love a little TB on sore muscles, but that is not what we have dedicated so much time and energy to studying. Frankly, it bothers me a lot that the PT on Dr. OZ would allow our profession to be represented as such. Not to mention there is no formula to fixing all the different back pain out there. Please take a moment to read and learn just a smidge more about a very misunderstood profession. I hope that my class and those to follow realize the importance of educating the public on what a PT is and does.

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mike-twohy-my-physical-therapist-says-this-is-the-worst-possible-position-you-can-li-new-yorker-cartoonBefore we get started, take a second to watch this clip on “cutting edge physical therapy techniques” during a Dr. Oz Show (Dr Oz Cutting Edge Physical Therapy).   Kind of surprised they didn’t have the electrode shock device that builds 6-pack abs while sitting on the couch, or the vibrating belt machine that giggles away your fat. My initial reaction, eye roll.  My secondary reaction, concern.  Third, frustration.  Fourth, responsibility.  Let me explain this rollercoaster of emotion in a bit more detail…

The “eye roll” – Ultrasound, Tiger Balm and a Bumpy Ball are cutting edge therapy techniques?  Kind of like representing an accountant with a multiplication table, an abacus and a quill pen.

The “concern” – Do people really think this is what physical therapy provides?  Or more concerning, is this the treatment people ARE receiving? If you are, I’ll be the first to say you…

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