Done and Done

There is something amazing about the feeling of relief. It’s even better when you didn’t realize just how stressed or bent out of shape you were really feeling. This morning I woke up after not even remembering falling asleep. No alarm, no dreams remembered, no waking up in the middle of the night. As I started to tap into my conscious state, a huge grin started to spread across my face….WE MADE IT!!!! Yesterday was my last day of finals and I think I was too tired to even realize. While one class still has to post the grades for finals, I am quite certain I at least passed. All the others are scored immediately or we have received back by now so it is pretty official that I passed my first semester 🙂

::Insert Happy Dance Here::


I can’t even thinking about doing this all over again in January right now, but I am hoping that after a nice little break I can recharge and hit the ground running. Maybe even with a little more comfort and ability to have a little more fun on the side. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that just yet though.

Aside from studying I haven’t done all that much. Hopefully, some fun posts coming up through the holidays! First off to snowy Buffalo and St. Catharine’s then onto LA.

I. Can’t. Wait!!!

2 thoughts on “Done and Done

  1. Congratulations M. So happy for you… Welcome home to snowy Buffalo and St. Cath. Hope to see you when you’re here.. loving your post’s! xo

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