It is Sunday which means it is officially the last day of another week. Tomorrow commences week 10 of PT school. Somehow this week feels like all of a sudden we are zooming full force into concluding the semester. Don’t get me wrong, there are MOUNDS of work to be done, but it is something about the layout coming up that doesn’t quite make it feel like there is a lot of time before Christmas rolls around. And in fact there isn’t! We have two more weeks of classes, then a week of our first clinical Steps program, then one week back at class, then thanksgiving, then one last week before finals. Which adds up to six weeks but really means we have a month left of classes. I am clearly in denial of the studying that will be had through Steps week and Thanksgiving, but still! It’s kinda sorta like a month left of semester and I haven’t crashed and burned…yet. I was definitely starting to crash out this last week though from being non stop for over 2 months. While other attempts to pause and have a little more fun time have generally failed and ended with me still needing to work or just flat out being too tired to do anything except stare at a wall, this weekend I finally got to experience a bit of life at Duke. And I don’t want to jinx anything but this week ahead, may even possibly not be overly stressful. I won’t bet any money on that though.

So what is it that I actually did this weekend aside from using my new found freedom to take care of errands and bill paying and getting PT and scheduling meetings? I actually got myself out to the department Halloween house party and officially experienced my first Duke men’s basketball game! I won’t lie, the latter may have been a particularly addicting experience that reminded me how much I miss attending sporting events. While I still think I need to read over (or create) a manual on all the cheers and rituals of Cameron Indoor Stadium, it is a definite must do and I think a definite need to re-do experience. Luckily, not doing the campout doesn’t seem to be hindering my chances of getting tickets or being able to utilize the walk up line, so I am looking forward to future games.

On that note – it is Sunday, which means I have had to prepare for the week and it is back to lecture videos and making sure I know my muscles. Taking a little break to head to the gym and see what else I can accomplish today before I completely resign myself to dealing with everything later. On that note – I give you photo evidence of me not being in class or studying in my pj’s 🙂


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