Week Number Bleh

I am definitely a whimsical nostalgic thinker. Today, even though I need to be studying my buns off, I found myself drifting to where I have been and what I have done and how I got here. This unit in school has been really hard for me, because aside from a few epic labs, it really wasn’t my favorite. That is totally ok, because I think it is important to find out you don’t like something just as much as figuring out what is most important to you. But, it is wearing when you still have to study super hard for it and just can’t fit enough fun time to balance it out. I am really hoping after Monday I can say the exam wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and move onto the next round. I need to get out of this tired exhausted near breaking point rut.

Which leads me to drifting….today I remembered how much I love music and dancing and people who love to create. I think I love these types of people because the ones who hold on to an art form are passionate, and passion inspires me. There is something about an artist (to whatever level they personify that word) that makes the world epic and magical. I have missed that in my grumpy bubble trudging through slush the last couple of weeks. I have danced a bit and have had a wonderful opportunity to work with a dance class for children with special needs, but 3 hours out of a week just hasn’t quite cut it. I am grateful I have ended up where I am, but I can’t say I have been terribly confident about my ability to succeed this week, and I need to get back on the wagon. So here is my out loud (ok typed) commitment to get to a little more dance, and do a few non study things in the next couple of weeks to get my groove back. I don’t think moving past the dreariness of metastatic colon cancer will hurt in that progression, but neither would a trip 😉


2 thoughts on “Week Number Bleh

  1. I just love your thoughts, and your passions, your pain, your “so called” weakness’s.. You are one amazing woman. Just so glad I know you. xo

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