How did they know!

So this last week I received an invitation for a friend’s wedding in December. It was the trigger that released the floodgates of my wanderlust. The SECOND I thought about an opportunity to go somewhere, not to mention see people near and dear to my heart I was ecstatic. The frenzy of looking at flights, checking my miles, and attempting the jigsaw puzzle of how I could make this work began. This essentially sums up my personality. I know I have commitments and priorities, I know I am deep into student loans, I know it’s the holidays, but still! I feel the uncontrollable need to make it work. I love what I am doing at school, don’t get me wrong. And I love having a home base, but the invitation alone made me realize so much about myself. Not only is going places an integral part of who I am, but also the idea that I have dear friends around the world and I miss them terribly. I wish for Christmas holidays I could go “home” and see everyone, but that would mean being in Ontario, New York State and City, Chicago, LA, Australia, Malaysia, and while I am there why not go see my kiddies in India. And that doesn’t even include heading somewhere new for vacation. There is always more to do and experience. I have no money to my name, but it was worth every cent. My coffee mug and artwork collected from my travels makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am no master, but I could probably teach you a few things about using some serious air miles, and I have made some cool friends in unique circumstances. I always say I like flying because I know I am going somewhere. I am currently upset that my wall map forgot to make the trip to NC with me and I definitely agonize over packing. I noticed this week, particularly when I had to call my Norwegian bank, that I miss other languages too. So when I saw this post, I was laughing so hard on some points and saying “so true” on even more. I think there is a hole in my bucket, because that list definitely never ends šŸ™‚

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