National Physical Therapy Month


Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

I think it is official, I now have enough posts to start a separate tab all about physical therapy and PTschool. As much as I miss the traffic on my travel posts, I am proud that this is my field of study and am so excited for my future as a physical therapist.

A little personal update – I am now halfway through week 6 and still alive. I passed at least 2 of the 3 exams I have had and am trying to remain optimistic about the last. Although, I guess if I need to remediate it would not be the worst thing that ever happened to me. I am just annoyed that I felt like I knew the material but essentially took the test poorly. Fingers crossed it was ok enough to move forward. For those of you that don’t know our program is pass/fail but we keep grades along the way to make sure we are meeting a certain standard. And yes the passing point is higher than your typical graded course. Also, the grading is not cumulative in the sense that if you do poorly on one exam and rock another, you still balance out. You need to hit the pass point on all the exams. There are some smaller assessments mixed in to keep us on track and to act as learning experiences, but essentially you need to pass all the big stuff. It’s good in the sense that there is less pressure for ranking and you can make silly mistakes like forget to switch your calculator to degrees from radians and losing several points even though you had the method down. It is less exciting on the days that you think that you studied really hard but there is still so much information and never enough time that you might actually not make it. Overall though, I am a fan, because meeting the cutoffs makes sure we know what we need to know to move forward and eventually become great practitioners. And it allows that cushion of realism that sometimes you need to use a book to refresh your memory, discuss with your colleagues or have your math checked.

So I am happy to report that I have made it to October, and my ship is not sinking yet. We even have a tiny moment to breathe next week and I am looking forward to a mini hike with a classmate on Friday to explore some of the area. A girl needs fresh air at some point right!

Anyways, that is kind of where things are at. My life, as you can tell, is all school right now, but I have had some pretty unique experiences, such as doing a laminectomy (aka chiseling vertebrae open to reveal the spinal cord – I can’t say that our version was minimally invasive…), saw open a chest cavity and touching a lung. Tomorrow I get to hold a heart in my hands, and no I am not being sappy….I literally get to hold a heart. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I realized I was overdue for an update, but it ties into why I wanted to share the idea of National Physical Therapy Month with you in the first place. I think everyone should take a moment to put PT on their radar. I still think it is the underdog sometimes. It amazed me in Norway how when people had an ache or pain, they immediately said, oh I should go to my PT or chiropractor. Now part of that is possibly access but it is also perception. I don’t think enough people realize they shouldn’t be in the pain they are in or that there are people out there who can help. People who studied hard and sacrificed a lot to provide you with that service. People who have the tools to get you moving with movement instead of prescribing “no exercise” or a masking pill. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for that too, but I think as people seeking a healthy life we should all put PT in our toolkit.

In October, please take a moment to visit: and find out more about what PT can do for you or someone you know. If you are already an advocate, take a moment to appreciate your PT 🙂

{getting off my pedestal}


2 thoughts on “National Physical Therapy Month

  1. Great post! I am going today to meet with a DR and physical thearpist….hope they are just as good as the gang in Norway! Good luck on finding out the results of the 3rd exam….and enjoy your hike out with your friend, you deserve it! xo

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