Duke Basketball Campout

Once a year the graduate students of Duke University get the opportunity to campout for 2 nights in hopes of winning the lottery for seasons tickets to the Duke basketball games. It involves setting up tents and trailers and uhauls full of supplies and holding fort over the duration. The primary reason you camp is to be close by for check ins which involves the playing of a siren at random times and you have to report to the check in desk within ten minutes. If you miss a check in, you’re booted out. So if you are stuck in the bathroom, wander too far, or fall asleep too deeply you could miss the check in and get the boot. Looks like a lot of people had a great time, but I opted out in the end. I am not really planning on going to more than a game or two, in which case I can stand in line for a single ticket over the season pass campout. And personally I am not attached enough to need to go to the UNC match up (which is why you also want to score the season pass). I get it, because if it was for the right hockey team, I would be there. But with the way school is going it wasn’t worth the trade off for me at this particular point. Since it is such a monumental event at Duke though, I had to swing by, and thusly share a few photos of the camp scene….

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