23 1/2 Hours

I promise, I am not trying to make this an all health promotion site, but my life is studying to be a health professional now and, thusly, what I have to share is influenced. Plus, I just plain love when people can creatively boil down all the information out there and into a nice simple take home message. Forget the jean sizes, the latest trend for your health which will be the “healthy thing you’re doing, that’s now considered dangerous” a year from now, the never ending list of dos and don’ts and feeling overwhelmed at all the extra things you are supposed to be doing….Will there always be more you can add? Sure. Will there always be a bagillion ways and insights on how to be healthy? Definitely. But if you are looking for a way to weed out all the extra in your quest to be a healthier individual, maybe start here. I hope you enjoy the doodles at the very least.

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