word play

I WILL master the word zygapophyseal. I keep saying pop before I realize there is an h and it was supposed to be a poff. n. pl. zyg·a·poph·y·ses One of two usually paired processes of the neural arch of a vertebra that articulates with corresponding parts of adjacent vertebrae. zyg'ap·o·phys'e·al, zyg'ap·o·phys'i·al (courtesy of freedictionary.com) ____________________________________________________________________ My other goal … Continue reading word play

Duke Basketball Campout

Once a year the graduate students of Duke University get the opportunity to campout for 2 nights in hopes of winning the lottery for seasons tickets to the Duke basketball games. It involves setting up tents and trailers and uhauls full of supplies and holding fort over the duration. The primary reason you camp is … Continue reading Duke Basketball Campout