5 Extra Years

I am not even through my first full week of official classes at PT school, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t started full force. Despite all the readings, catching up on my knowledge of muscle innervation, and the ticking time bomb that is the brachial plexus assessment we have next week, I can’t seem to get my mind off of this video/ad we saw today in Movement Science. I invite you to watch it (perhaps with a tissue near by) and to look at the website DesignedToMove.org for further information.

Sure maybe with modern medicine we have defied nature and extended the life span, but what really struck me is how significant the impact of our current societies behavior is. Honestly, what have you done in the last 5 years of you life; Every up and down moment, the little things and the huge accomplishments. Think of your mother, your sibling, your grandparent, and especially your children or future children – I can’t imagine anyone who would say they don’t deserve 5 extra healthy years. The crazy part, that is still baffling my mind is that this isn’t related to a new and innovated procedure that will help extend lives – lives are being shortened across a generation just because people have stopped moving!

If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to watch the video. I hope it helps you think twice about taking the stairs, hitting up the TV after work, or what types of activities you participate in on a family night.

2 thoughts on “5 Extra Years

  1. On another note I always wonder if life expectancy is related to your nationality or where you live. I hope it’s where I was born because France has one of the longest life expectancy for women 🙂 The fact that in just a few years I will have lived outside France more than in France has me worried (!). I hope that the good life balance and nutrition I had until I was 20 (and moved abroad) count for something. And I will take the stairs up to our 7th floor as soon as it gets below 35°C 🙂

    • Celine! I don’t think you have a problem keeping you or your family active! of course there are still so many factors involved in this but the research actually does include a global data pool. Obviously I just found the video yesterday and do not have all the definitive answers about it all, but it sure gets ya thinking! Hope you are doing well – stay cool 😉

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