a short note re: August

It is officially the first night in my new apartment all by myself. I moved to Durham  last week, but my beloved mother has been helping me move, buy, build, shift, and unpack since then. After my first part-day of orientation she and I visited the Duke Lemur Center (we’ll save that for another time, but in short – awesome!) and then it was time to send Mama back to Canada. So tonight I am trying to learn a bit more about my new (first) little Mac and catch up on emails, etc. that I have tagged to handle once I got settled. Somehow I haven’t really gotten settled since returning to North America, but tonight feels like an honest shot at it. At least my inbox is flashing a lower number of unread messages in my face – still plenty on the to-do list though.

For those of you who are confused, or I have not had a chance to update yet, I have officially left Norway, was a bunch of places this summer combining travels and teaching life skills through dance, I was just “home” for three weeks splitting time between Buffalo, NY and St. Catharine’s, Ontario, and I am now in Durham, NC kicking off my first year as a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Duke University. And yes, believe it or not, I am prepared to stay in one place for at least 2 years until clinical rotations begin 😉 I am really excited though. There are so many amazing people to get to know and learn from here, I am gushing to absorb all the knowledge before me (remind me of that when Anatomy gets intense), Duke is a beautiful school, and well…I’m a nerd – I love school. Not to mention, so far I love my apartment and the fact that I have a little nook to call home.

It doesn’t mean that catching up on blogs of friends still in India, or Facebook posts from my former colleagues in Stavanger don’t make me miss everyone terribly, they do. That is part of the process and I am ok with that. In a couple of years, I will be missing all this too – that’s how life works. It’s time for this new chapter and I am thrilled to discover a whole new level of working with and helping others.

Anywho…I will definitely do a post with photos of the apartment, DIYs, Durham, and Duke soon, but for tonight I am going to keep the photo updates to the biggest highlight of my time at home….My Dido’s 90th Birthday/Family Reunion. Or as I like to call it, DidoFest.

A couple of weekends ago, the entire Doliszny clan finally assembled in Kingston, Ontario at the newest Archer establishment. I think this was the first time in at least 13 years that all of us were in one place. It made for a fantastic weekend celebration and we also tackled the daunting task of shooting our newest album cover.



Ok but seriously…..

IMG_2254Thought this would make a nice little bonus photo in the CD leaflet…

IMG_2251Oh whoops…meant to post the Then & Now photo we were trying to capture for Dido’s Bday present. Not half bad on the fly!

PicMonkey CollageHere are a few more from the weekend and I will update soon!

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