Mnohiya Lita Mumsy!

Happy Birthday to the greatest Mama ever! What’s that? You say that your mom is the greatest? I’m sorry, I can’t accept that because this is the woman who raised me – so my opinion is skewed maybe just a bit. She fostered my old soul from its beginnings, made me wear curly Hutsal shoes on St. Nicholas Day for the full effect, she taught me to paint walls, install laminate flooring, stain a deck, and hold really still when someone is pinning your costume…and I sure as heck never had the same dress (or Halloween costume) as anyone else at the dance!

In honor of her birthday, this weekend I am giving the gift of my mother acting the role of Mama. For now she has created a monster that believes she can and will help me through anything. As my move to Duke approaches, there are plenty of alterations, DIY projects (incorrectly named since it should read AYM – ask your mom), and stressful moments. She continues to support me through all the ridiculous details. Even though I joke that she has only taught me all the things I will hire people for in the future, I still hope I could build a deck if I wanted in the later half of my decades. I should be so lucky to be that cool.

So today (that day where we re-upholster chairs for my apartment) I wish my Mama the happiest of birthdays. She deserves it because in all that she does, she does it for her children and the people she loves (fuzzy people i.e. cats are not excluded in this statement).

Happy Birthday, Mnohiya Lita, Love you always!

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