Last Week: First Half

I hate being “the bad guy.” I mostly write about the happy times and how much I love this place, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t crummy parts. Most of my classes have been going well this week and I am already looking back with fond memories. However, by the time Monday ended (classes and daily life included) I just felt like I had given way too many stern talks. Maybe it wasn’t even that many, but my patience and tolerance for having to crack down was less. I can’t really say for sure. I guess that is part of life though and the teaching of its lessons.

On a higher note, by Tuesday I felt like everyone was back on board with being in class (and perhaps so was I). It just felt more natural by Tuesday, though hotter….much hotter. It is amazing that the change between 95 and 100 seems so significant. I am usually pretty sweaty but I was absolutely drenched and could barely keep up with drinking enough water to avoid that overheating dizzy feeling. It also doesn’t help when the tap water is the same temperature as outside. So on breaks I would hang my clothes out to dry, bring several water bottles with me into the AC to cool off me and my water, and then do it all over again. Even my youngest kids were sweating like crazy (in their school clothes no less) and I had to tell them to make sure they were drinking when necessary as we dance in an open air area with fans, but still essentially outside. I did feel quite accomplished to get through it all and my highlight was Life Dance. Monday was a rough day with them because there were some disciplinary situations at hand. Some students had to be sitting out and I had to be extra strict with making sure they were not distracting the rest of the class. Easier said than done from the teacher’s point of view. On Tuesday, however, they were all there on time and ready to go. We had a great class, accomplished a lot, and then I got to start a little bit of a new combo. It was special to me since I have been saving this song for Life Dance since the first time I heard it. Unfortunately, I will not be here long enough to actually make it a choreography for them, but I am so happy I can at least share it with them. The icing on the cake was how focused and into it they were. The students here love fast music and this is a much slower song, but they were all so attentive and in the moment that it gave me shivers yesterday. I hope they can bring the same level of focus this afternoon as we finish out our last days together (for now!).

I still don’t know who the dance award winner will be for this week since I still have a couple of classes left. This week, though, I have been really impressed with everyone’s attentiveness to the theme/topics of class. For one, EVERY class remembered that we talked about self control last week. And EVERY class has been able to define courtesy and leadership, which are the themes this week. Overall, I think everyone has made an effort to practice being kind, respectful, and polite to others. The hitting has at least gone down since last week in my presence. I have also had most classes practice leading the class. The older ones have carried the exercises a little more on their own, and with the younger standards, I have been having leaders up front with me as I carry the class. They hear about leadership a lot, but it is good to take turns putting it in to practice and acknowledging that it is not always the easiest to be in front of everyone, all eyes on you, and having to be the best example for all others. I was worried that for some groups this would possibly be cause for distraction since the leader is facing the other classmates, but they have all done an exemplary job in the leadership role and respecting the person up front. Did everyone point their feet? Not so much, but I think respecting and seeking leadership roles wins out this week. Mission accomplished.

In other news: our speakers got fixed!! Now they work amazingly again….as long as the power is on 😉

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