September 6, 2007: It’s to be expected

so midterm time and i get stressed. we all know this, there is no use denying it. Instead of going away this weekend and relaxing, plans got a little messed up and i had some more drama on my hands to deal with. for those of you that actually know what any of that means, you know or will find out what went down. basically by monday when i was having difficulty breathing because my throat was so swollen, i went to the doc to get it checked out. turns out i have pustular tonsilitis (however you spell it). nice yummy white puss spots all over my swollen glands. Got some antibiotics which are limited in their usefullness at this point. I was told if i didnt feel better by tomorrow i have another doctors appointment. The good news is that the impecable health care system makes its really easy to get to the doctor, and relatively affordable for the prescriptions. what sucks is the baggilion dollars it costs for basic over the counter stuff i need to buy for symptomatic relief. in anycase, i shouldnt be rambling about my illness although it has been a downer. let me tell you though taking a test and working on a presentation with a 101 fever was brilliant. lucky for me other than that, this week hasn’t been too heavy with school. At least not until this weekend where i have to study for chemistry hard core because it hates me, finish a group project in ex psych, start a group project in stats, complete a stats quiz, study stats so i know whats going on, and somehow maintain my sanity.

SOmething to look forward to though, ryan and i have successfully booked all the necessities to go to sydney next weekend. the plans include, going to the olympic grounds and seeing some of the outside areas while we’re there, checking out the king’s cross night life,  walking all the city highlights (aka harbour, bridge, opera house, circle quay, the rocks) and doing the 5K walk from bondi beach to coogee. this will be in our first day and a half and then on sunday we have tickets to see a symphony at the opera house and then we are going to rock the night away at a bayside concert. You’ll probably hear about all of that all over again but im really excited so i thought id outline it for yous. The bad news, we arent going to make it to the outback over spring break. The dates and prices dont work out at all. There are alternate ways to see various parts of the outback but we really only want to go if we can see Ayer’s rock and we cant within our budget right now. Once we get our exam schedules though we are going to see if there are a few days we have off and maybe still make it out there. Even though it was one of my top goals, if i dont make it there, i will feel a little less stressed about funding. Had we known sooner, ryan may have picked different dates for the great ocean road and i could have done that, but i have a test and cant make it when he’ll be gone. Instead we already found a concert, and its an aussie band we like. and there is a soccer game going on. not to mention we plan on tackling a whole bunch of our day trips that we just dont seem to have time for. As long as im doing something i dont really mind and i think we will get a lot off the checklist. Everything happens for a reason so ill keep you guys posted as always.
hope school is going well and that everyone is settiling into whatever they do when fall rolls along.

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