September 30, 2007: Let The Good Times Roll

so fraser.

left crazy early tuesday morning completely exhausted to find out we were driving in a troupie for 4 hours. i still totally passed out for a bit but it wasn’t quite what i had hoped for in terms of comfort. but ya since when is that a priority. we made a stop in Gympie to grab a coffee and whatever else at this stop called matilda’s so i was excited about that. It was back in the 4×4 until we made it up to Rainbow Beach where we had a little time to chill until lunch. The beach was really pretty, the town was a street and so again, it was really a place to come for the water. Super gorgeous though and famous for the variation in colour. We then drove out to Inskip point to catch the Ferry across to Fraser Island. Drove right onto it in the 4×4 and we had a chance to get out while crossing. Honestly, i didnt think at this point another beach would strike me any differently but Fraser was gorgeous. maybe i was just really tired but i loved it. We took a cruise up the beach and in the first 20 minutes saw dolphins and whales. check. it was pretty cool. we ended up seeing a lot more whales throughout the trip so that was sweet for me because i wasn’t planning on doing a trip to see them. We made it to the camp site, and unloaded, and piled back in to see a bit of the island. obviously we were on a tour but it wasnt too bad to have someone do the thinking for a change and ry and i were with a group of japanese tourists that didnt really talk so it wasnt like they bothered us. we were always the first two back on time though and it kind of turned into a joke. inanycase, we took some inland tracks and did a hike through central station which is a rainforest previously a large part of the logging industry. there is a huge thing going to preserve the island now though so they’ve band all of it now. It is the biggest sand island or something like that. seriously though its huge, and it really is shocking to see that all of it is really sand. after the rainforest, which was cool beacause it had a creek, we went to lake mckenzie. the sand was so white and so pure and despite the people remaining at the beach, everything seemed so still. i got in a little but it was too late in the afternoon for me to want to jump in. i saw a turtle though.  we headed back after sometime and stopped at one of the “resorts” to get anything else for supper. Im happy we chose the camping option because we still had like everything set up for us and it really wouldnt have been that different. it would have been a blast if a group of us did it on our own, but like i said, someone doing everything came at the perfect time. and if it was just us we wouldnt have gotten much past racing/flipping the 4×4. so we got back to camp, changed, and ryan and i wanted to head down to the beach. it was a bit of a walk to get out there but it was so nice. plus we couldnt really walk along the beach since the tide was still pretty high. oh ya that was real fun to drive back in, we almost didnt make it because the full moon really affected how high the water was. so we made it down, and it could not have been a more beautiful night. the full moon was awesome since we didnt bring a torch, but it was just so amazingly peaceful. that is of course until i opened my mouth and was chatting away, haha. we were down there for a couple of hours just talking and enjoying the island. towards the end, i was looking at ryan because he was saying something and i see something bushy pass is head (from a far). all of a sudden we realize tat two dingoes are right by us. i freaked and was like what do we do, ryan just goes stand up. so we did and they sort of circeld us. i wouldnt have been nervous until the whole hype they make on the island about how they can get aggresive and stuff. ryan was a little concerned because they were circling like coyotes would, but by just standing there and talking a little we appeared larger and not harmful so they eventually went away. it was way cool though because we were the only ones who got to see them, and thats what fraser is known for. kind of ironic. anyways, we chilled to make sure we wouldnt cross them on our way back (also unique that they were in a pair) and eventually made it back to camp. not much longer i was passed out in the tent.
wednesday morning we rose with the sun and headed to the resort for breakie. the first thing on the agenda was lake wabby. on the way in we did a hike that was half bush and then a treck across a sand dune. it was sooo cool though. so different than anything i expected or hae ever seen. i dont even know how to describe it, it was just like you were trecking along a dune (or running ahead to get people out of your pics) and then there was just this lake. like it was a mirage or something . there were some really cool birds and fish there too. after a bit of time for a swim, we hiked back through an all bush trail since it was starting to get really hot. ryan and i got back early of course and got to do some whale watching before we headed to this shipwreck. it was cool to see since it probably wont be there much longer. the last place to go was elli creek. it was nice but totally packed and i didnt walk down it too far before getting splashed really bad and heading back to the beach. the guide and i thought we may have spotted a shark but it was hard to say since youreally can only see their shadows. we had lunch and packed up at camp and were able to cruise back up the beach to catch the ferry back to the mainland. i saw some pelicans and whole bunch of other birds but i forget what they are all called. the drive to noosa we got to take this trail through the rainforest and then along the beach before stopping to refill the tires. it was really cool and super nice, always good to see something different. at the stop i found some wild kangaroos so ryan and i snuck off to take some pics. there were a heap of them and one obviously had a joey in its pouch. i was excited enough, but tthen! the joey popped its head out and yes i actually got the picture!!! i was stoked. seriously awesome. the rest of the way home was highway, and i talked to the guide and napped a bit. finally it was home sweet home.
thursday morning i spent getting a few things together and meeting for chemistry. got a little interupted by a fire alarm but it was good to have a think about school for a bit. after lunch though it was back to amazingness. i got my stuff together and ryan and i headed off to riverstage to line up for fall out boy. we got there 3 and a half hours early and there were at least 100 people already there. crazy. but i wasnt about to sit there ALL day. it was cool though because we ended up making some concert friends and even chilled wth them inside. totally exchanged numbers and are going to try to do some more shows or visit them at the gold coast. after making fun of all the little girls and their unrealistic view of being let in early, doors finally opened. We got a prime location just behind the “mosh” (so many sweaty people, it was disgusting) where the hill started to form. so we were close but could see above everyone’s heads. the opening acts were good, i especially enjoyed jack’s manequin that i haven’t listened to as much as i will now. but obviously nothing compared to the headlining act. it was amazing. i didnt really freak out to the extent that i did with erica but i mean those were prime freak out cicumstances. i was internally going insane and couldnt really feel my body at all afterwards haha. just sort of trance like. it was so sweet though and i took this time to just really take it in. and pete did an excellent dose of hardcore for me at the end when they closed with saturday. seriously, brilliant.

friday was a bit of a library day, some gym time, and groceries. i had dinner plans with everyone planning to go to parklife an it was also an early surprise birthday dinner for zane (the guy i bowled with monday). i got ready a little early and hung out at the joynt to hear jodi’s daughter sing and talk to a few regulars i haven’t seen in a while. Dylan finally came to pick me up and we met up with everyone at the indian restaurant they were having it at. It was seriously a blast, all the guys were dressing up in the gag jewlery, making up nasty drinks and passing them around, the people were great and i talked to a lot of them about various things. the place was so messy after, i felt bad for leaving it like that, haha. so any way it was home time, and then  basically get up straight away for parklife. the girls got me the outfit they were wearing for garden party. the guys were all dressed up as lifesavers in their red and yellow. and us chickies had white overall type shorts with our names embroidered on them, garden accessories like gloves and aimee had a watering can. the best were our big floppy hats that were actually excellent protection from the blistering sun. we met up early for everyone to get dressed and pregame before heading out for gates at noon. we stayed the whole time which means 10 hours. it was such a blast though. like i said, the people are great and hilarious and they totally accepted me and were stoked to have me participate. i dont think ive ever heard so much techno in my life, but it was a blast none the less. we stayed at the mainstage mostly but there were four so we made our rounds. i even knew some of the songs plus all the rock remixes, lol. it was an awesome day and somehow we managed not to lose anyone. there was supposed to be a bit of an after party, but everyone was so tired it wasnt turning into anything big. i decided to go home and call erica(finally) and then call it a night so i could work on stats today. i um have to get back to that now and if i do well then ill head over to whatch the rugby final with everyone from yesterday. we’ll see, but thats the update! uh now its back to school life tomorrow.

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