September 11, 2007: Randoms

so i just gave my presentation and i think it went well. lets hope. we got out early and i have a little time to kill before nutrition, but its not enough to do real work, so i thought i would write down some random info and hit y’all up with some random pics.

-they don’t have tax here, or pennies. they just round everything to the nearest 5 cents. kind of convenient im not gonna lie.

-public transport is great. i can get anywhere in zone 1 for $1.20 and like the farthest i can get by bus costs less than $3. plus its free to get between campuses so thats pretty awesome. i still miss small schools tho.

-pretzels are rare. i cant officially say they dont have them bc occassionally  bag shows up (apparently) but you cant find them

-they also dont have cinnamon flavoured things. aka hot lips, hot tamalies (spelling?), fire balls…..

-they dont really do tortilla chips but they LOVE crinkly chips. and in obscure flavours like chicken.

-they do have ginger beer, which is like root beer only ginger. and i found a diet version and i think i really like it. mama would hate it. you really have to like ginger.

-they also have a lot of gummie products but only gelatine based. sucks for me, no twizzlers or stuff like that. except for licorice….they have a lot of licorice which is awesome for me bc aussie licorice is the best. yes im talking black. they do have other flavours but im not a big fan because it tastes like jelly.

all this is reminding me to bring a lot of candy staples back for gifting. i cant eat a lot of it but i hear its great. things like fantails and tim tams. might need an extra suitcase! i did pick up a few things this weekend at the markets before we went to scoustic in the park. it was part of river festival, free, and relaxing, so i had a good time. oh and i saw ratatu\ouille last weekend. it was pretty cute. that was after ryan and i randomly found some i dont know what you even call them shops. but their part of the random pics bc it was a random affair.

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