September 11, 2007: I love falling in love

I took my first class in 6 months!!!! wow i never thought i could go that long without dancing. mostly because i spent a good majority of the time denying the fact that i wasnt dancing or pretending that perhaps dance just wasn’t part of my life. well it was rough and i learned a lot and now some of my biggest challenges lie ahead, but it felt so good. I suck like made, a little tiny baby develope felt like the hardest thing in the whole wide world not to mention a tendu back is, well, just really bad. BUT, i was in class! and i actually turned out my legs, from my broken hips, and felt like there was no place i would rather be in the whole wide world. Im not even limping today. I hurt a lot, and there is some soreness in the injury so i wont hit the gym, but im not limping and its not really bad pain. So now i have a huge goal, and its going to be hard because i cant rush myself and i have no one telling me to stop. hopefully, i’ve learned enough, and if im good to my body, things will start to come back at a steady but encouraging pace. i cant believe how much i missed it and ow badly i just wanted to do like a totally stereotypical waltz pirrouette combo so that i could cover as much floor space as possible. but i guess those are the moments where i realize that im not going to stop dancing. it doesnt matter what happens along the way, and it doesnt matter how far it gets me, its something i have to do. I think thats the biggest thing i’ve learned here so far. There are certain things that i have to do for me, and while i feel wicked selfish about it right now, its the only way i can adequately give something back. that goes right along with ditching my stats group that were not making the experience pleasurable and switching so that i can have a project done by the due date. oh and guess what! ive actually gotten better marks on my last couple of assignments, even a 10/10 on a chem lab!!!!¬†Hopefully i can keep it up and not fail! speaking of which i should probably get going because i have to give a presentation in exercise psychology this afternoon, finish up another chem lab, and study for my chemistry test on thursday. Oh and i have a midterm in Nutrition next week and since im going to sydney this weekend i should probably get cracking on that as well. Busy busy busy. but i feel really good about life right now, even if its not perfect. oh and just so everyone knows. tomer is doing awesome at prep school, already got 3 shut outs and has the best stats in the leauge. i love him to death and he’s making me proud out there!

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