July 9, 2007: Greetings Seppos

A series of old posts from a separate blog I kept during my study abroad semester in Australia…..

number 1: i made it……with my luggage. this happens to be a big deal since i actually had to have it transferred and had no idea if they found it. after two and a half days of travel, few delays, three movies, and a lot of new people later…i made it.

we have spent the last two days in cairns which is more like ‘can’ with a ‘y’ in the middle.  two buses and an additional truck for luggage got us to gilligan’s – the ritziest of hostels – and with some team work in the carrying of the luggage we were then left to our first seminar. two hours went by pretty quickly when you have great orientation leaders keeping you engaged and laughing while we all learned about some of the culture and what to expect while we’re here. we also had dinner in the giant beer garden and got to mingle a bit before some broke off to hit other pubs and the rest of us made the slightly more rational choice to combat jet lag. this morning we had another seminar and a bunch of us decided to do a weekend surf trip upon some highly enticing info and a really great package focused on learning (but more on that later).

the big event today was rainforest station. we went up to the range and had a chance to experience some of the local wild life and aboriginal culture. i wont lie its geared for tourists but holding a snake and a koala and lying down with a kangaroo was , well, to put it in a word…sweet. i also threw my first boomerang and got to ride an army duck through the rainforest.

we had the evening off to explore cairns (cayns). after a litlle work out and a quick rest we headed out on the streets. (we being my roommates kathryn and kaitlyn). we walked down to the boardwalk and were able to look out to the pacific ocean right at dusk. the biggest challenge seemed to be finding a decent underwater camera for diving in the reef tomorrow. yes i have decided that if im going to try scuba diving it might as well be on the great barrier reef. more on that later though…so we found some cameras and just as we thought we had missed the fruit bats, we saw one soar right above us as we entered the night markets. not to mention later on one nearly took me out, but we got to see the ‘flying monkeys’ as one of the orientation leader so kindly named them. a dinner out by the water (and a lot of walking later) and now i sit here updating y’all. so now i think its off to bed. no im not hitting the club scene tonight as we are getting up at about 5 to get breakfast and head out to the reef.

wednesday we fly back to brisbane and i hopefully ill have a computer as we settle into our apartment and get to know our new school.

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