July 20, 2007: City Search Continues

went on the river cruise tuesday night which was something i wont recommend to others. I mean maybe if i hadnt seen at least four times the river the day before it would have been cool but it wasnt all that exciting. The lights were pretty and seeing the stars were nice but i could have done the same for two bucks on a city cat. at least it kept us awake.
wednesday morning a few of us went to a writing workshop to be clear on the system here. it was pretty helpful, no party but if its going to help my grade then im not complaining. I feel like this semester will be a real challenge in the sense that there are limited opportunities for assesment. aka no messing up. Luckily im fairly organized and can hopefully come out alright in the end.      we also got our 18+ cards so that we dont get questioned when going out. they are pretty leary of foreign licences here so i guess it was worth the investment. Everyone was getting sickish so there was a lot of napping and vegging that afternoon. I decided i didnt want to sit around so i went to the gym. afterwards i went for a walk by the river. Its so peacful and beautiful to see all the stars so clear even by a big city. I do have to get a star map tho so i know what im looking at. yes i just stuck a nerd sticker on my forhead by saying that, but i love stars. pre-walk i stopped for a coffee at the joynt. zac told me to stop by later bc he obviously wasnt allowed to go out or anything. so after about an hour of walking i stopped back in the joynt with full intensions of just saying hello and goin back to my room. However, i was introduced to marshall a friend and occasional chef at the joynt. a fascinating person for one, and two he wanted to make a pizza for dinner. apparently there was no yeast in the kitchen so he went home later coming back to make pizza. even a vegan version for me since they were insistant on me sticking around for it. In the middle of all this the girls came down for some tea and hung out with me for a bit (also invited for pizza). it was pretty awesome and then we headed back up to our room. I love that people are so genuine here. I feel like im already developing a base right next door to my apartment. obviously once school starts ill meet tons of other people but its good to feel at home. Jodi (the owner) even comes to chat with us all the time and was havingme help her brainstorm events to have at the joynt.

in any case yesterday was spent back at school for some final info about courses. We did some more exploring of shops and things through the city. got home late afternoon and i finally gave into doing laundry which is bloody expensive here. kaitlyn, kathryn, neil, ryan and i finally made it to see knocked up when it wasnt sold out. It was a pretty good movie. just to stay up and chat a bit more kathryn neil and i chilled at the joynt grabbing a cup of tea to warm up from the walk home.

thats pretty much it. now i should probably get ready so that we can actually get to the museum i say i want to see everyday.

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