July 14, 2007: Things To Know

1. a beer garden is basically what they call and gigantic pit in a bar.

2. crossing the road is really hard. luckily we havent lost anyone yet.

3. beware of interesting names such as wolfram (not to be confused with wolfgang like kathryn called him) and reddog. 

4. just because the cans of veggies are on sale doesnt mean you want to buy 12 plus other groceries and walk home uphill. 

a bunch has happened in the couple of days that i havent had much internet time. it starts with the reef. it was indeed great and barrier. as mama guessed quite well i backed out of the scuba. as a person who enjoys limited contact with water, being shipped to an island to snorkel til lunch in about 60 degree weather, i was quite content with my choice. the way i see it we are here to push our personal boundries and me being in the water, looking at fishies and coral while occasionally gulping salt water i stepped outside my box for the day. it was fun and beautiful though. as soon as i can burn my pictures and upload them at school i will share them all. Unfortunately we are on a ridiculous internet plan that i had not intended to pay for so there is a bit of improvising happening. in anycase we spent the whole day on the boat. it was super windy and the waves were ridiculous. People started taking on the challenge of trying to hold onto the rails in front while getting soaked by the water while the rest of us sat inside laughing at them. that was until the biggest wave of the day covered the boat and water came pouring in on everyone through the windows that were left unlocked.

that was tuesday. wednesday we packed up and got breakfast at an amazing cafe called the lilypad across the street. everything is more expensive in the backpackers capital of cairns but it was pretty affordable and the best meal we had all had in days. after a quick walk it was back to the airport. the flight was obviously a lot shorter than we had previously undergone so it passed pretty quickly. just getting into our southbank apartment we headed to the closest shopping center to get cleaning supplies. having done that and spraying everything down dinner was found at a japanese restaurant, Ginga, in the heart of southbank.

with no idea what our schedule was for thursday we caught word that orientation started at 9 am. We got to campus and found out that we were there until 4pm. at least the bulk of things was over with and we dont actually start class until the 23rd. There are only a couple of things planned for us next week and the rest of the time we have a chance to explore our newest home. i actually met this kid who grew up in calgaray and played hockey who now lives in pheonix and also knows the tortorellas (for those of u who know who they are). oh and he has cousins that also moved to dubai. weird. actually there were a lot of cool people there from all over and we met a bunch of people living in our building as well. after the orientation part, we discovered that target is radically different here and very expensive. naturally we found a cheaper version known as the big W (aka walmart in the states). with a lot of bags we may have gotten slightly misdirected and walked around a lot before coming home. Slight disputes and still no time for grocery shopping we found a well priced indian restaurant which about half of us on the road to being regulars. …. at this point staying up late is still difficult.

Needless to say by friday i was extatic about having some downtime. Some people had to go back to campus for scheduling but i dont have to go until next week so i spent the morning unpacking. on my way out i ran into ryan and josh and they walked with me to get harry potter tix for the evening. oh and movie tix are super cheap. it will take a bit but we will start to figure out what the budget type things include. i met up with kaitlyn and kathryn after that and we were super excited to get groceries. that was of course until we had to walk home with them. kathryn had a huge hiking back pack and was a couple minutes behind us it was so large. it was pretty funny though. 
this journal entry is getting more boring by the second so i will enthuse u more by telling you that after the excellence of ‘arry pohtah (we dressed sort of gothic for the occassion and fri 13th) a group of us went the joynt. its a bistro/cafe by day, bar by night that is basically next door to our building. things started a bit slow but once we met some people it definitely picked up and i had a blast. we met this guy, damon, who is a wine distributor or something that was absolutely hilarious and was introducing us to everyone. I guess he’s a regular so he’ll probably make an appearance here later. they also have a free juke box so i made the excellent selection of ‘all that jazz’. i did get to try a black label ine from new zealand that was excellent. Zack the bartender had me try it bc he is from new zealand. no worries, i dont have any intentions of becoming a drunk but its part of the culture here so you gotta ‘have a go’ as they say. but yes, zack was super nice and letting us know how to find events and such. apparently on monday he has offered to show us the town and invited us to a vip party tonight that they are hosting for all the top bands from the music festival today. unfortunately it cost 60 bucks to get into the show so we walked around across the river instead but ill party with rockstars =) 

alright well i think that is a pretty good summary of what has happened sorry if its long and boring but what else is new.
ps. type ur name with your comments so i know who you are….cheers

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