August 8, 2007: Chica Chica Boom Boom

well usually when i havent written it means ive been busy enough to not write. for me this is a good thing, for the purpose of a journal its a minor setback in remembering everything.

here it goes. Friday after walking around the city i convinced the crew to head down to south bank for some free salsa lessons. yes evryone was tired and they are around every week, but i felt like having some fun and its one of those things that if you dont do it now the motivation will wither off. nick was hanging out with us at the apartments for the weekend and went to the start of the lesson with me while others were finishing drinks and such to get pumped. Needless to say they missed most of the instructional part and nick and i did what we could to instruct. there were people showing the moves repeatedly as well so everyone picked up and we salsa-ed for about an hour. everyone ended up having a blast because, honestly, when is shakin your hips like a dumb bum not amazingly fun. out and energetic on a friday night we decided to act on the mood and check out a new bar we hadn’t seen yet. The Fox is up the street from us and very reputable so we checked it out. The famous roftop was booked for a private party so we decided to chill downstairs which was not a disappointment at all. They had this trio of performers that were absolutely hilarious and sang all types of tunes from usher to whitney. dancing was apparently the theme of the night as we shook it on the floor. finally, we concluded the evening with some more singing and dancing to the juke box at the joynt…of course. this proved to be entertaining because we were havin a ton of fun and had a place to chill as we counted down to ryan’s birthday. back up stairs for a round of guitar hero and we eventually made it to bed. saturday we slept in a bit and then went to the grocery store to buy bbq essentials. after a bit of work or chillin or whatever else happened, we preped the food for a kick ass barbeque on the roof top for ryans b-day. i made the doliszny special sauce for the burgers and we roasted veggies for the vegan. sundays for desert and of course presents. these included alcohol (obviously), a music mag, and a pirate costume. ya we are cool friends. so as to not cut the evening short we headed again to the best bar in town coincidently celebrating another birthday. Havaing said that, i havent been at the joynt for three days so be proud, lol. Its just such a cool place. sunday was study day….boo. monday i had a great portion of the afternoon off, so besides some studying, i went to the upper level of the art museum and after some walking was blessed with some law and order on the tele. SVU no less! good times. I had a heap of classes yesterday since i started my chem lab (3 hours in length) but it was cool because i like my tutorials and it keeps me busy. I also stopped by the dance department to write down the schedule. I talked to them about starting but not quite yet. Im hoping i can observe at least before i head in there. I’ve also been trying some plies and stuff out on my own but im not all the way there. soon i swear, i hope anyway. After classes, i rushed home to meet up with neil and ryan because i found an ice rink a half hour away and decided i wanted to go skating. of course i didnt recognize where we were going but we hoped on the right bus and some locals helped us out. We made it….on time! it was so fun, i had t stop after a bit because pushing off my right leg was getting painful but i didnt push it. AND i didnt fall. awesome. unfortunately due to injury i could not pull out my full out speed skater cross overs but there was some arm action going on. haha. ya right. i looked like an idiot. oh wait….i am one. The point is we had a blast and the smell of the rink made we sooo happy. Unfortunately buses decide not to come out to the middle of no where whenever we thought we were going home so after some waiting and me making up songs to summon the bus, we called a cab. While more expensive it was alright because it was way comfy and the guys had never been in a cab before. i know crazy. here i took one to prom…i mean what i didnt go to school in a hick town.

well thats the update…..i have to go finalize my outfit for the Cobra Starship/ The Academy Is show in just 2 short hours!!!! im so excited. im going through concert withdrawl. Woo!!!

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