August 20, 2007: If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops…

I wont bore you i with the details of me spending a couple of days after the volunteer trip doing things like laundry, homework, studying, grocery shopping, and cleaning. well i just kind of did but you know. i also did a little bit of city wandering to get out. I definitely have a new thinking place by the river. yes the river is kind of brown but you cant tell when its dark out so its really pretty and peaceful. seriously though, i spent a couple of days just hardcore studying and tying to get all the things i want to do organized. feels a lot better and its still in the process but time is flying around here and if you dont stick to a list i wont see like half the things i want to. i mean i still wont because im a poor student who spent all their money on getting here in the first place, but its about making the most of what you got.
Having said that, i definitely placed a few large checkmarks on my list. I went to a Rugby league game on friday night. That would be the Brisbane Broncos. Befor hand we experienced a weekend night on Caxton street. Had some bar food at this irish pub before heading to the game. You know you gotta get the whole atmosphere going. It was pretty fun and we got the jist of the game. Broncos lost by only one point, which was kind of sad but good it was close.
Saturday morning, Nick (who was staying at our apartment), Kathryn and I went to the valley markets. It was fun and i was excited because i picked up a couple things for people and got a lot of gift ideas. We also checked out a couple of op-chops (those are thrift stores) and walked through china town.
Saturday night we continued the sporting weekend and made our way to Gabba Stadium for some Aussie Rules (AFL). It was the brisbane lions vs. the sydney swans. Its cool bc i heard about the swans before so i felt like i knew something. Especially since aussie rules is way harder to follow. we eventually figured out some rules though and got into some of the chants and things like that. I dont really know where the lions stand after that game because they came back in the final seconds with a dramatic tie, but then it was just over. we were a little confused, but that soon passed bc everyone went running onto the field with their footy balls. Well ok the confusion wasnt quite over but it was for something else. It was serious chaos. Footy balls were flying everywhere….as we wlked out, i casually told everyone that there was an extremely high possiblitiy of me getting hit in the head. Note that i say head, not just hit. I dunno why it just happens. Sure enough after making it all the way to the center and almost back again…SMACK. right in the noggin. it was hilarious. even funnier bc i called it. Anywho, i really liked the game and wish i was here longer to get into it.
Sunday, we sort of kicked nick out of the apartment bc kathryn and i had planned a date. Kaitlyn has been away in Melbourne to visit her boyfriend so we had our own day planned. We went down to Batavia to study for a couple of hours. I think i mentioned it before, its this really unique indian-ish looking place with amazing tea and coffee stuff. also deserts and random furniture for sale. Well we indulged in some chai lattes (yes they have soy!) while slaving away over chemistry and some type of enginnering course. Alright im being dramatic, we werent slaving. After working though, we went to go see liscence to wed at the cheepo movie theater. it was pretty funny. It was a really good rainy day activity. yes i know, we are in a drought and its been raining for TWO DAYS!!!! im so happy for our trees that we planted. after the movie i headed down with neil and ryan to the joynt bc they have live music there now. this guy that was playing was really awesome. neil got his cds so ill drop him some bucks to copy them. unfortunately we are missing the mini music festival next weekend bc we are going on our surf trip. I just hope it warms up by then =/
in anycase, i have to get going to my academic life but it was a really fun, relaxing weekend. and i was happy to do some new things.
pics are coming, im just out of megabytes so it might be a bit.

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