Leadership & Lice

Half of me can’t believe it is already Wednesday and the other half can’t believe it is only Wednesday. I think the first part is mostly because I don’t want any days to pass so I can drag out my time here. It is really really hard to be here and want to stay and have to request your loan disbursement for a new degree. Why can’t I be like Hermione Granger and have that little time adjustment gadget? I feel so grateful to be here, even if only for a short time, but I feel quite conflicted wanting to stay and simultaneously be everywhere else. We have to make choices, and only we can make them….another life lesson to be learned.

The other half of me says “It’s ONLY Wednesday?!” because it constantly feels like so much is happening and that it couldn’t possibly all fit in to one day. The good news is, it has been very productive.

Life Dance was fantastic today. Callie (volunteer coordinator) helped us out with a speaker loan and managed to get someone to fix our music situation going forward. Since we had all of the tools and people necessary, I was finally able to have Joseph (LDT president) run the warm-up. I was so proud to see all of Life Dance come together and do a truly great job of the warm up. They have all improved so much and I also saw huge strides in leadership and other behavior by a number of the students. I also was happy to be impressed by a number of the newer LDT members who were not yet part of the troupe during my first visit. Of course it was terribly hot and we were meeting despite school not starting yet, but they gave their full effort to trying to stay focused throughout class. We were also able to run our dances for the talent show with music today trying to keep in mind the corrections covered yesterday. Even though I know they can do even more and turn up their performance level, I could see that they were much more committed than the difficult situation of only dancing to my counts yesterday. I hope that they will make a good impression on the school and new students at the talent show tomorrow.

IMG_48941 IMG_49091  IMG_49101

Images of Joseph leading our Life Dance Troupe Warm Up today

I spent the rest of the day working on various aspects for our talent show. There were song lyrics to be checked through me and, if they are in Tamil, through the house mothers. Sara and I also took a group of boys who wanted to make a drawing for the talent show aside so they could work on that and we didn’t cause mass chaos or fighting over paper and crayons. All the boys were quite small so that was adorable and it was nice to have some one on one time. I was reminded though of how difficult it is for these students to think outside of the box. It was a good time to try to help them realize they could draw other things and that it did not all have to be the same.

IMG_48751  IMG_48731

Some of the girls practicing for the talent show

That carried me through until dinner time…which was red rice and yellow sauce. Luckily with all of the volunteers here in summer we do get fruit salad and some cut veggies. I really need to take a picture one time though because so many people think it is like having food from and Indian restaurant. It’s not. It really is red rice and yellow sauce….no not daal, no lentils…yellow sauce. There are some potatoes though.

The night finished off with a de-licing party! Since the newest students arrived today it was time for the first lice shampooing of the school year! Sounds gross, and I guess it is, but it actually really was a lot of fun. The boys were total hams about it all and trying to spike up their hair, comb it in some fashionable way, or mohawk it. Too funny and far to entertaining for something involving the word lice 🙂

IMG_49271 IMG_49291IMG_49491

IMG_49451 IMG_49391

The last one is just classic. Teenage boys are the same no matter where you go or where they come from I guess!

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