Skills for Life

How do we learn the skills that make us successful? I think there is a combination of nature and nurture in there, but that one does not exist without the other. Some people are born to lead, to be successful, to change the world. I was reminded of that so blatantly today with the return of one of our older students and Life Dance president, Joseph. He is one of those personalities that people respect and listen to, he is influential, and yet takes everything to heart. If someone else messes up, he feels he could have done better. Somehow he is able to take this perfectionism and leadership to new heights over and over. It inspires me and everyone around him. Joseph stands out amongst most crowds as an exemplary individual, but that does not mean that there are not numerous leaders and role models at this school. Each one of them are being given the opportunity and skills to make anything they choose out of their lives. Some, like Joseph, have the natural instinct to run for a mile if you say move an inch, but with the right resources all of these students can live the life they wish to lead despite the place they happened to be born into. It is empowering to think I can play a role in shaping their futures. I was lucky to have parents and an infrastructure at school that told me to reach for the stars. I wish I wasn’t so hard on myself sometimes, but there was always a safety net and reassurance if I ever fell too far. Before coming to the school, these children don’t have such a sound foundation helping them climb step by step. Many children in the world do not. It makes me sad to think that perhaps simple skills and positive goals could change so many of this worlds negative stigmas, poverty, wars…
Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see these students learning these skills one by one and that as a generation they will be able to pass them on to children to come.

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