Off to the airport again with my amazing Aunt and Uncle (Teta and Vuyko). It was Friday morning and we were headed to Penang for an overnight. There was much deliberation whether we should actually go with everyone’s previous and upcoming travels, but obviously it ended up that we went. I am so happy we did as it turned out to be a major highlight. I was in a personal heaven of colorful worn out windows, doors, archways, and bikes. We were centered in Georgetown at the historic Eastern & Oriental overlooking the water. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Once we got our room in order we headed out for some yummy Indian at Kashmir in the area we were hoping to head. I knew I wanted to go back to this shop Teta had been mentioning so we headed in to take a look which turned into a major shopping stop. The place is called Sam’s and sells all types of clothing, scarves, blankets, etc. This location is run by Michael, not to be confused with the Sam’s down the block run by another branch of the family which was split up after some type of feud. You learn a lot when you shop long enough. I liked so many things but settled on some new flowy pants and a top that I can use in the future and made me feel like Jasmin. If you know me, you know how big a selling point this is.

IMG_44981 IMG_45061

We finally ventured back out and wandered this street and that. We all just loved the look of the town and the local culture. We really lucked out because it wasn’t too hot and it was a bit cloudy for ample picture taking and wandering. We finally realized we really needed to stop and headed to China House. We meant to stop for a snack but quickly realized it was late enough, and we were tired enough to just enjoy a dinner. Since the place is better known for its massive cakes, we weren’t sure about the main courses but were pleasantly surprised with the various chicken dishes we chose. It was also a fun place to be inside with its quaint exterior set in an old house that almost looked like a super long corridor the length of a city block. We did have to sample some dessert but I think we all sugared out quite quickly and were happy we weren’t tempted to try more. We were on the other side of town, so we walked back a new way and got to see some of the churches lit up at night which was quite pretty. I read a bit outside our hotel to the sound of the waves and then it was time to call it a night.



Saturday morning we didn’t rush too much but still made it down to the breakfast buffet. This was much larger and more diverse than the hotel in Singapore, plus we got to eat out on the veranda overlooking the water as the day started warming up. By mid morning it was already MUCH hotter than Friday and we could tell we would have to pace ourselves. We walked over to see the Blue Mansion nearby our hotel and decided we should cab-it to the Clan Jetties if we wanted to keep our sanity. This is a whole area of houses built above the water along jetties. The main strip open to visitors also includes the locals selling all kinds of things from their front porches. It was really neat to see, but I still felt like I was imposing a bit being able to see into everyone’s home and with all kinds of tourists around. We faired the heat a bit longer and finally found some of the streets Teta had specifically remembered from her previous trip. They were pretty neat, and it was fun to see all the shops open since we were a bit late for that the day before. I even scored a drink in a bag at last and was much needed as the day warmed even more. Eventually, it just got too much for all of us and the need to pause and cool off won out. We headed to the hotel to recoup, and that is where we stayed. We discovered the infinity pool overlooking the water in the new wing of the hotel and that was it. We decided to spend our last couple of hours reading and relaxing in the breeze.

IMG_46621IMG_47051 IMG_47181

We didn’t cross the bridge and go do anything like Penang hill or other “must dos” but we were all so happy with what we saw and did that it didn’t matter. I am sure all of those things are fun too, but I greatly enjoyed my peek into the life of the historic Georgetown and would recommend it to everyone.


Update: Full photo album here 🙂

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