KL – Part 2

Before I get too ahead of myself, I wanted to touch on my last week in Malaysia. After Singapore, we were all pretty fried from a full week of touring. Monday we attempted to take it easy but Chelsey and I wanted to see the Central Market before she left the following day. It was so much fun and turned into a successful shopping day so it carried on much longer than we originally intended. We actually thought we would stay on even longer except that a storm suddenly rolled in and instead of discussing any further we all dashed for the metro. Luke dashed a little faster than the rest of us and comically ended up on the train as the doors closed and the rest of us were still on the platform. Luckily we all knew where we were headed so there was no major dilemma and just a good laugh. Groceries and shops at the mall rounded out our day. Content and exhausted from our purchases we finally headed home to relax.

Even though shopping sounds luxurious, we all really needed a day to sit. We called that day Tuesday. However, it still didn’t work out quite as planned since the pool was closed for maintenance and everyone really wanted to go swimming. Luckily for us visitors, our host is a resident and has other friends with pools, so we ventured out. It was neat to see the more residential suburbs and we thoroughly cooked in the exceptional heat that day surrounded by jungle. Since Chelsey was leaving that evening, we mostly had family time, caught up on pictures and conversation.

Wednesday and Thursday were a mixture of errands, enjoying the city, our luxurious movie, KLCC Aquarium, massages, laying poolside, and packing. I was able to get my split picture and pet a shark so that was pretty cool. We managed to recover, still see and do, and muster up just enough energy to head up to Penang on Friday morning.

IMG_42141UPDATE: Complete album of photos for Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas 🙂

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